Name:DTH hammer
Type:low/middle-low/high air pressure DTH hammer
Operating pressure:5-35 Bar
Application:mining/quarrying/ water well drilling
Product Description

Low air pressure DTH hammer (CIR90/110/150)


1.The strong energy of single impact and the low energy consumption in rock crushing;

2.The weight ratio of Piston and Bit almost Reaches 1:1 to provide long effective acting time, which leads to the improved efficiency in rock crushing and the extended service life of the drilling tool;

3. A good performance in central air exhaust and cuttings discharge, which reduces the repeated crushing of rock;

4.A check valve device is available to drill holes finder water.

Middle-low air pressure DTH hammer(BR1/2/3)


1.The operating air pressures are between 0.7Mpa and 1.75Mpa;

2.Simple structure, easy to assemble and to disassemble, long life;
3.Lower air consumption and lower oil consumption. A hole can be drilled on the check valve to provide more efficient cuttings discharge;
4.Especially suitable for quarrying.

High air pressure DTH hammer without foot valve (DHD/COP/SD/QL/MISSION/NUMA)


1.Out of the trouble of foot valve fracture and expansion and contraction;

2.Lower energy consumption and higher impact frequency. The drilling speed is 15%-30% higher than the one with foot valve;

3.Lower air and oil consumption. The oil consumption is about 10% lower than the one with foot valve.

High air pressure DTH hammer with foot valve (DHD/COP/SD/QL/NUMA)


     1.More efficient energy transfer, faster drilling speed, lower air consumption and lower oil consumption;

 2.Fewer internal parts,  simple structure, longer life, less failure and easier to maintain because all the parts are heat treated;

 3.Easy to disassemble because the tap sub, the drive chuck and the external cylinder are connected by multi-step thread.

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